Sun Yeh Electric Valve Actuators Applicated in Energy Field

Regardless of the type of energy source from power plants whether coal-fired, natural gas, the energy of nuclear, hydropower, trash-to-energy, wind turbine, or solar power plants, valves and actuators are used to start and stop the flow, adjust the amount of flow, control the direction of flow, regulate a flow or pressure relieve the pipeline pressure when it reaches a certain value. Our electric valve actuators can use as nuclear valves, pollution control valves, feeding water valves, cooling water valves, chemical treatment, and steam turbine control systems valves.

We offer electric valve actuators OM, S, L, and M series to withstand the harsh environments of the power industry for being used in the ventilation system, cooling, system, fluid control, etc. in the power plants. If you are in the nuclear or other dangerous industry with nuclear valve actuators needed just feel free to contact Sun Yeh to recommend you the suitable electric valve actuators for you!

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