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SE Series Explosion-Proof Spring Return Fail-Safe Electric Actuators

Product Overview

Sun Yeh explosion-proof electric spring return fail-safe actuators, in addition to normal function (floating control, two-position control, modulating control) are designed to provide fail-safe positioning of valves and dampers upon loss of voltage supply. A mechanical spring set is utilized to position the controlled device to either the fully OPEN or fully CLOSED position, without any external power source. For a two-position type actuator, a mechanical BUFFER is employed at the end of the spring stroke, to reduce the dynamic effects of the spring return system. Our explosion-proof electric actuators can choose the clutch-less and lever-less manual override for standard units to provide full-time manual positioning of the controlled device.

The SE series explosion-proof electric actuator is structured as flame-proof and combustible dust-proof. The directive and standards marking is II2GD Ex db IIB T4 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T130°C Db. where it is classified as Zone 1 or Zone 2, containing Group IIA and Group IIB gases, Zone 21 or Zone 22, containing the combustible dust atmosphere or a mixture of explosive gas atmospheres and combustible dust atmospheres. Temperature group T1 to T4.

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ModelTorqueMotor PowerWeightMounting Base
N•min•lbStandardW / Manual OverrideFlange TypeShaftDepth of Shaft
WkglbkglbISO 5211mminchmminch
SE-500 50 445 50 28 62 38 84 F07 17 0.669 30 1.181
SE-1300 130 1150 130 59 130 76 168 F10 22 0.886 41 1.614
SE-2000 200 1770 130 97 214 137 302 F12 27 1.063 45 1.772
SE-2600 260 2300 130 97 214 137 302 F12 27 1.063 45 1.772

Note:Motor power is based on 110VAC, 60Hz.

SE Series