Product Name : T-6
Torque Max.:6 N.m/53
Power Supply:110V AC、220V AC、24V AC/DC、12V DC
Weight:1.5 kg/3.3 lb
Mounting Flange(ISO5211):F03/F05

  • Compact size can install in small space.
  • Comply to: NEMA 4X dry-powder coated aluminum alloy cover (Optional).
  • Manual operation can be applied in case of electric failure.
  • Built-in thermal protection prevents motor burning out.
  • Simple design, easy operation.
Model T-6 T-15
Torque Max 6 N.m/53 15 N.m/132
Power Supply 220V AC 220V AC 24V AC/DC 12V DC 110V AC 220V AC 24V AC/DC 12V DC
Weight 1.5 kg/3.3 lb
Mounting Flange ISO5211 F03/F05
Manual Override
Duty Cycle 30%
Control ON-OFF
Top Cover Plastic
Environmental Rating MEMA 5,  IP67
Ambient Temperature -10°C ~ +65°C (14°F ~ 149°F)
Conduit Entrance 1/4"PF ( Max. Internal Diameter :8mm)
  • CE
  • CSA
  • RoHS


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Top Cover/ Environmental Rating Aluminum Alloy, Electrostatic Paint /
NEMA 4X, IP67,- 30°C ~ +65°C (-22°F ~ 149°F)
Mounting Flange ISO5211 F04
Conduit Entrance
(1-PG11 cable gland
with wires 1m long
Note : The cable gland and cable only suit for indoor use.
For outdoor using please replace suitable cable gland and cable.