Product Name : L-2000 electric linear valve actuators
Thrust:2000 kgf/4410 lbf
Weight:31 kg/68 lb
Motor:35 W
Mounting Flange(ISO 5210):F10
Max. Stroke:100 mm/4 inch

Enclosure :

  • IP67、NEMA 4X:Water-proof and dust-proof enclosure.
  • Material:Dry powder coating aluminum alloy.

Position Indicator :

  • All models are equipped with continuous mechanical position indicator. The external stem visual position indicator provides easily read and instantly available stem position.

Modulating Controller :

  • Actuator can be operated according to input signal and provide the output signal for feedback.
  • Input signal:4-20mA, 1-5V or 2-10V.
  • Output signal:4-20mA or 2-10V.

Adjustable Stroke :

  • Allow users to adjust actuator’s stroke to match valve stem’s stroke. (Refer to the specifications for stroke range)

Motor :

  • All models are equipped with DC motor and provide low power consumption, high duty cycle and efficiency.(1500 starts per hour)

Working Conditions :

  • Ambient temperature:-30℃ to +65℃ / -22℉ to +149℉
  • The humidity:30% to 95%

Slow-speed operation :

  • Besides the standard operating speed, if slower operating speed is needed, please contact with our sales person.

Conduit entrance :

  • standard : 1/2” NPT
  • option : M20 or 3/4” NPT

Various voltage :

  • 24V AC/DC
  • 110/220V AC
ModelThrustWeightMotor Power
(ISO 5210)
Max. Stroke
L-250 250 550 9.5 21 15 F07 50 2
L-500 500 1100 9.5 21 15 F07 50 2
L-1000 1000 2205 31 68 25 F10 100 4
L-2000 2000 4410 31 68 35 F10 100 4
  • CE
  • CSA


Space heater

A space heater can increase the internal temperature and keep dry inside actuator to avoid the freezing lubricant and moisture causing actuator failure under low temperature or high humidity. Heater is not recommended if the ambient temperature is above 35℃/95℉. However, when the temperature varies much from day to night or between summer and winter, heater and thermostat (25±5 ℃ / 77±41 ℉) are recommended.


Heater thermostat

The option can switch the heater off when the temperature inside the actuator is over 25°C / 77°F.

Floating controller

An external switch is applied to provide either two-position or floating control to the actuator.

The picture is based on AC 110/220V.

Floating controller

An external switch is applied to provide either two-position or floating control to the actuator.

The picture is based on AC 110/220V.

Potentiometer unit

The option can be ordered with On/Off actuators. The selection has 1k or 5k ohm resistance values. It provides feedback signal for position indicator.

Communication Protocols

Modbus (MODBUS and modulating control cannot service at the same time.)