Product Name : CM-100 part turn electric actuators
Max Torque:100 N‧m/885 in‧lb
Speed:10 Sec/90°
Weight:7.6 kg/17 lb
Mounting Flange(ISO 5211):F07


  • Base:Aluminum alloy, polyester powder coated.
  • Top cover:ABS plastic.

Motor :

  • B class insulation.
  • Built-in thermal protection prevents motor burning out.
    AC motor:115±5℃/239±9℉
    DC motor:90±5℃/194±9℉

Manual override device :

  • Users can open or close the actuator with manual override device. Please remove the red dust proof plug on the manual override device when manual operation is needed and put the red dust proof plug back after finishing the manual operation.

Duty Cycle :

  • 30% duty cycle.

Position indicator :

  • All models have a continuous mechanism position indicator on the top of actuator cover to indicate the valve's position.

Working Conditions :

  • Ambient temperature:
    Plastic cover -10℃ to +65℃
    Aluminum cover -30℃ to +65℃ / -22℉ to +149℉
  • The humidity:30% to 95%

Conduit entrance

  • Standard:1/2" PS
  • Optional:3/4" NPT, 1/2" NPT, M20

Various voltage

  • 24V AC/DC
  • 110/220V 1-Phase
  • 220/380/440V 3-Phase

Aluminum cover(round shape)

  • The option is suitable for outdoor applications.


  • When using manual override device, user can choose the hand-wheel to operate the actuator easily as an option.

Manual power-off device

  • When power is supplied, users can switch from "Auto"to"Manual"with a lever to operate the manual override device to either open or close direction
ModelMax. TorqueWeightMounting
(ISO 5211)
ShaftDepth of shaft
CM-100 100 885 7.6 17 F07 22 0.866 30 1.18
CM-200 200 1771 7.6 17 F07 22 0.866 30 1.18
CM-300 300 2656 14 31 F10 36 1.417 40 1.18
CM-400 400 3542 14 31 F10 36 1.417 40 1.58
CM-500 500 4427 14 31 F10 36 1.417 40 1.58
CM-600 600 5313 14 31 F10 36 1.417 40 1.58
  • IP 67
  • CE
  • RoHs


Space heater

A space heater can increase the internal temperature and keep dry inside actuator to avoid the freezing lubricant and moisture causing actuator failure under low temperature or high humidity. Heater is not recommended if the ambient temperature is above 35℃/95℉. However, when the temperature varies much from day to night or between summer and winter, heater and thermostat (25±5℃/77±9℉) are recommended.


Heater thermostat

The option can switch the heater off when the temperature inside the actuator is over 25℃/77℉.

Additional limit switches

The standard model equips with the 1st & 2nd switches for fully-open and fully-closed. The option consists of the 3rd & 4th auxiliary switches which provide dry contacts for fully-open and fully-closed.

Current position transmitter

The option can provide 4-20mA output signal for position indicator and etc. It can be ordered with ON-OFF actuators.

The picture is based on AC 110/220V

Modulating controller

Actuator can be operated according to input signal and provide the output signal for indicator. Input signal : 4-20mA, 1-5V, 2-10V. Output signal : 4-20mA, 2-10V.

The pictures are based on AC 110/220V

Potentiometer unit

The option can be ordered with On/Off actuators.

The selection has 1k or 5k ohm resistance values.

It provides feedback signal for position indicator.

Wiring box

The option can provides user to connect all wires without removing actuator cover.